【Stainless steel frying pan from kübell】Recommended size and shape according to the number of people and the contents of cooking.

【Stainless steel frying pan from kübell】Recommended size and shape according to the number of people and the contents of cooking.

At present, kübell stainless steel frying pans are available in two sizes: "9.45in(24cm) - flat" and "10.63in(27cm) - deep". However, even if the sizes are expressed in centimeters, it is difficult to know how many servings they are suitable for or what kind of cooking is ideal to use them for, isn't it? For this reason, this article describes how each size and shape is recommended to be used!

About the general size of frying pans

Frying pans come in a variety of sizes depending on the purpose and number of people, ranging from 6.30in (16cm) or smaller for small dishes
, or even 11.42in(29cm) or larger for large families. Among these, depending on what kind of cooking you will be doing, a 9.05-9.84in(23-25cm)
pan is suitable for cooking for 2-3 people, and a 10.23in(26 cm) or larger is preferable for cooking for 3 or more people.


About the general shape of the frying pan

There are two basic types of frying pans: flat and deep. In addition to that, there are also differences in whether the rim extends outward or wraps inward, as well as whether the rim is high or low. In addition to that, some pans are sold not only in a round shape but also in a square shape, such as for frying eggs.

Flat pans have a flat bottom and can conduct heat widely, so they are good for grilling and frying, and are especially recommended for cooking such things as steak. Deep pans can also be used for simmering, and are easy to use when cooking cabbage or other items that tend to scatter around when frying.


Summary of pan sizes and shapes

As mentioned above, the optimal size and shape of a frying pan varies depending on the food to be cooked. Therefore, it is important to use cookware that is suitable for the dishes and portions to be cooked, rather than having only one frying pan in the home, which is not sufficient.


Recommended cooking with 9.45in(24cm) flat mold

From here, I will write about the two types of stainless steel frying pans that we offer at kübell and how we recommend using them.

First of all, the 9.45in (24cm), flat type is intended to be used mainly for cooking for two to three people. Since it is made of stainless steel with a three-layer structure that has been uniquely researched, it is particularly good at retaining heat, so the temperature does not drop when ingredients such as meat and vegetables are added, allowing them to be cooked to perfection. Therefore, it can be used for simple grilling such as steaks, and for all kinds of stir-frying such as sweet-and-sour pork and stir-fried vegetables.

Also, when cooking food that has many surfaces that are not in contact with the ingredients, such as frying sausage, there is a risk that the Teflon coated frying pan will burn the food and cause toxic substances to be released. However, kübell stainless steel frying pans have no surface treatment at all, so you can use them with peace of mind.

Recommended cooking with 10.63in(27cm) deep type

Next, we introduce the 10.63in (27cm), deep type, which went on sale in December 2022 in response to many requests. 10.63in (27cm) is a slightly larger size, making it suitable for cooking for 3 to 4 people. This type has a higher rim than the flat type, so it is good not only for baking but also for simmering, making it possible to easily cook curry, marbled tofu, and other dishes.

Because of its high heat retention property, it can continue to heat up even after the flame is turned off, making it possible to cook delicious stewed dishes. Flat type is also good at stir-frying, but when cooking foods with a large bulk before stir-frying, such as cabbage and bean sprouts, the deep type is easier to cook because it is less likely to spill.



In this article, we have compared frying pan sizes and shapes, as well as recommended uses for kübell's stainless steel frying pans. You can find more details about each product here and on the product pages below!

We hope we can help you find the perfect frying pan and help you cook more delicious food!


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