Is the kübell stainless steel frying pan compatible with IH and other heat sources?

Is the kübell stainless steel frying pan compatible with IH and other heat sources?

We have received several inquiries from customers asking whether kübell's stainless steel frying pans can be used for cooking on IH.

As it turns out, not only can they be used perfectly, but they are very good at cooking with IH because they were developed in collaboration with Fujinos, the first company in the world to develop commercial pans compatible with IH cooking heaters!

Who is Fujinos?

The manufacturer was founded in 1957, and at the time of its founding it was manufacturing Western tableware such as spoons and forks.

Later, the company strengthened its presence in the pot and pan industry by developing Japan's first multi-layered steel pot made of different metals in 1983, and now manufactures a wide range of pots and pans for both commercial and home use.

kübell's stainless steel frying pans also use aluminum-clad triple-layer steel, in which stainless steel is sandwiched between aluminum, to maintain the benefits of stainless steel frying pans in terms of heat retention and the ability to evenly cook food, while improving the disadvantage of weight.

In addition, FUJINOS cooking pans are recommended on all official pages of major IH cooking heater manufacturers, including Panasonic, Mitsubishi, and Hitachi, which together account for almost 100% of the domestic market share.

Advantages of IH cooking

By the way, do you know what the advantages of cooking with IH are compared to cooking with a gas stove?

The biggest advantage is the high thermal efficiency, which is said to be about 90% compared to gas stoves, which have a thermal efficiency of about 50%.

Another advantage is the low risk of fire spread and the ease of cleaning due to the lack of uneven surfaces.

Even those who shy away from IH cooking can use kübell's stainless steel frying pans as they are, so please consider this as an option when you are considering moving to a new house.

Compatible/incompatible heat sources other than IH

In addition to IH, the Koobel frying pan is compatible with a variety of heat sources, including gas, radiant, and halogen heaters, making it safe for use in almost all households.

On the other hand, the pan cannot be heated in an oven or microwave oven, so if necessary, please transfer the food to a heat-resistant container before cooking.



As mentioned above, kübell's frying pans are developed with the customer's convenience in mind so that they can be used conveniently in daily life.

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