Stainless steel frying pans, 3 reasons that separate what can and cannot be used with IH.

Stainless steel frying pans, 3 reasons that separate what can and cannot be used with IH.

If you are cooking with IH, it is a big question whether or not your new frying pans and pots are compatible with IH.

As is well known, aluminum and earthenware pots and pans cannot be used for IH cooking, and there is a risk that you will be disappointed with your new cooking utensils. Also, even if you use a gas fire now, there is a possibility that you will only be able to cook with IH in the future, for example, if you move.

As mentioned in our previous article, kübell's stainless steel frying pans have been jointly developed with Fusinos, a company with world-class IH know-how, so they can be used in IH without any problems. However, there are actually two types of stainless steel frying pans: those that can be used for cooking in IH and those that cannot!

In this article, we will explain three reasons why there are differences in IH compatibility despite the use of the same material, stainless steel!

Reason 1: Material differences within stainless steel

Although stainless steel is a single word, there are actually two types of stainless steel pans, one containing other magnetic metals, and the other not containing other magnetic metals. And since one of the requirements for pans that can be used with IH is that they be made of a material that has magnetic properties, some stainless steel pans can be used with IH and some can not.

If I may be more specific, stainless steel is precisely stainless steel, and in many cases, various elements such as chromium and nickel are added to achieve desirable properties. In cookware in particular, nickel is synthesized, and the ratio of chromium to nickel is the dividing line between whether or not the cookware can be used with IH.

Reason 2: Shape issues

Due to the characteristics of IH, heating occurs when the cookware and the IH cooking surface are in contact with each other. Therefore, pans and pots with uneven or rounded bottoms or those with legs will not be able to adequately perform IH cooking, even if the shape of the material is suitable.

Reason 3: Damage to bottom of pan

This is true not only for IH cooking, but also for cooking over a gas flame, etc. Cooking with pots and pans that have peeled off the bottom of the pot or pan may cause overheating, such as a part of the pan becoming extremely hot, which may lead to an accident unexpectedly. Therefore, please do not use such cooking utensils. Even if there is no obvious damage, if there is unnatural discoloration or bulging, there may be something wrong with the bottom of the pan, so please do not use this item either.



In this article, we have provided three reasons why stainless steel frying pans can and cannot be used for IH cooking. To avoid the tragedy of having your newly purchased cookware immediately put away, please check the heat source compatibility when purchasing a frying pan or pot.

As we mentioned at the beginning of this article, kübell's stainless steel frying pans are compatible not only with gas heat but also with IH using world-class technology! If you are at all curious, please click below for more information!


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