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kübell frying pan 10.63in(27cm) (deep type)

kübell frying pan 10.63in(27cm) (deep type)

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Larger and deeper size finally available!

A 10.63in size for families is now available from kübell Frying Pan.

The deep type allows for a wider range of cooking such as "simmering" and "boiling" in addition to baking.






Internal diameter 10.63in(27cm) / Height 3.31in(8.4cm) / Overall length 18.31(46.5cm) / Overall height 4.53(11.5cm) / Bottom 6.30in(16cm)


Material (main body)

Stainless steel 3-layer 0.05in(1.3mm) / Ceramic coating


Material (Handle)

Beech wood / Urethane coating


Heat source

Gas, IH, Radiant heater

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